As one of the founders I have been with the company since 1997. Since then we have been working on a variety of applications, mostly on Tandem Computers nowadays the HP Nonstop systems.

Key issues have always been high availability, scalability, and secure environment.

During our stay in Australia, I rather enjoyed working at Kirwan State High School. Teaching mathematics and IT is a great way to fill your days. Of course I tried to improve the use of ICT in teaching the more traditional subject of mathematics, but also tried to find many areas of applying maths to the real world. Using cannons and projectiles to exercise parabolic equations is not really suitable for teenagers, but you can work on the chicken gun used in the Mythbusters TV show to test airplane windows for bird strike.

This year I have been doing some mathematics study of my own. As my Australian teaching credentials were not recognised in The Netherlands, I studied Mathematical Foundations and Algebra/Number Theory. Luckily I passed all exams and hopefully I will be allowed to teach in my country of birth as well as in the UK and Australia.