Sneeuw op bonte hulst

Hoflaan in de sneeuw

Het eerste weekend van februari 2021 bracht eindelijk weer eens een flink pak sneeuw in Dieren. De straat was wit en de daken bogen bijna door onder het dikke pak.

Het begin van de hoflaan bij de Hogestraat.

In het midden van de hoflaan staan een vijftal oude villas. Met een dikke laag sneeuw op het dak geeft dat een prachtig winterbeeld.

De dubbele villa in het midden
De dubbele villa in het midden
Villa Seringhof
Villa Boschwijk
Villa Boschwijk
De dubbele villa in het midden

Met het koude weer bleef de sneeuw mooi liggen op de hekken en struiken in de straat.

Struiken buigen door onder de sneeuw
Sneeuw op de takken
Nederlandse wimpel voor besneeuwde struiken
Sneeuw op het hek
Sneeuw op het hek
Hulst onder de sneeuw
De top van het hek steekt uit de sneeuw
Struiken buigen door onder de sneeuw

Ook de straat zelf was helemaal wit.

Een witte hoflaan.

Op het dak van Villa Boschwijk schoof een flink pak sneeuw langzaam omlaag.

Villa Boschwijk
Het dak van villa Boschwijk
De sneeuw op hat dak van villa Boschwijk
Villa Boschwijk

Aan andere huizen hingen zelfs ijspegels.

IJspegels aan het rieten dak
IJspegels langs de dakrand
IJspegels voor het raam
IJspegels aan het rieten dak

En natuurlijk is er aan het eind van al dat winters weer de lente om naar uit te kijken. En dat betekent dat de krokussen hun hoofd boven de sneeuw uitsteken zodra de zon het weer wat warmer maakt.

Krokussen in de sneeuw


It’s that time of year again, autumn and high season for mushrooms. Their variety in colours and size gets me every time. This season started with a walk in a small forest near Apeldoorn.

In the Hof te Dieren there are some beautiful examples of the Amanita muscaria commonly referred to as fly amanita).

And of course there are the mushrooms in our back garden. There used to be some tall conifers and on the bits of wood that are still left in the ground some beautiful colonies of mushrooms have grown.

Also around the compost heap they have sprouted.


One of our favourite pastimes during the week is a visit to the open air museum in Arnhem. The place has a fantastic collection of old farms, houses, gardens, workshops, etc.

This week we took our new cheap 360° camera to try it out. Turns out it does not store the correct metadata to publish the pictures out of the box, but with the use of the tool exif fixer I managed to get it to be recognised properly.

So I took a photo of the old farm castle from Oud-Beijerland. You can use the mouse to move the view around.

The herbal garden is really amazing as well. The Nasturtium is doing very well this year.

Kröller-Muller museum

A spectacular museum in the hart of the National Park De Hoge Veluwe. It is full of famous pieces of art in a beautiful setting. The sculpture garden is stunning and an excellent destination in a time of keeping distance. The spacious setup is simply ideal for a day of art immersion in corona times.

Right behind the museum the sculpture garden greets you with the beautiful floating sculpture by Marta Pan. Especially on a sunny day the pond shows it off once more for you.

A floating sculpture of two opposing hemispheres floating in a pond.
Floating Sculpture by Marta Pan
The backward-leaning woman, resting on her right hip, appears to balance between stillness and movement, as if she could be carried along by the wind at any moment. After his death, this nude was cast not only in bronze, but also in a lead alloy, which gives the sculpture an exceptionally light, soft surface.
The Sky by Aristide Maillol
Mobile Home by Joep van Lieshout

Lorna was mesmerised by the sculpture made of interconnected rocks. The beautifully curved wall indeed echoes the vibrations of life on the Veluwe.

Echo of the Veluwe by Chris Booth

One of those famous installations is the Needle Tower constructed by Kenneth Snelson in 1968. From whichever angle you regard it, its structure does not stop to amaze. See also the museum page:

Another favourite installation is the Jardin d’email by Jean Dubuffet. In the past we have walked on top of it with Lorna’s brother Ken and Wendy. They had to restore it since and it is now visible in all its splendour.

After the sculpture garden we did pop inside to view the Van Gogh gallery. Luckily I managed to stop myself from taking photo’s of every single painting and sculpture. Below are three striking examples.

The garden of the asylum at Saint-Rémy by Vincent van Gogh. (museum page)

The Clown by Auguste Renoir (museum page)
Mata Hari by Isaac Israels (museum page)

Burger’s Zoo

This time it was raining and that meant that some animals were inside, but also that others showed some different behaviour. Wildebeests running in the water, flamingos walking straight towards us, wallabies being actually awake.

Following the trail we visited the elephants after the penguins at the entrance to the zoo.

In the Mangrove all the lenses fogged up so no butterfly photos this time. It did give a nice effect to the flamingos though.

The wallabies are always fun as they remind us of our home in Alligator Creek.

The rhinos were absolutely posing for us.

And of course the zebras were lining up as well. The two foals were especially cute.

As the weather wasn’t that great we moved indoors into the desert. The red headed vultures were awake.

The Yellow Grosbeak had something to say. He was not going anywhere until I had taken many, many photos of him.

On the way out we stopped to have a look at the nosebears. Each had a tree to her/himself.

All in all another lovely day. We’ll be going back every week.

Have fun,

Ernst and Lorna


This morning started with a beautiful walk on the Posbank heath fields. It has been quite hot recently and water levels are low, but the heather is flowering very nicely indeed.

Old fashioned ANWB road sign at the Posbank
Arriving on the Posbank this morning

The beautiful purple flowers are tiny and delicate, but a whole field of them turns it into a purple blanket.

Panoramic view of the heather field

Of course the heather fields tend to get overgrown if you leave them alone. To prevent that they need to be grazed. This morning a couple of horses were about.

We were just enjoying the view when they even came trotting upto the fence.

Definitely a good way to start the day.

Have fun,


Building the greenhouse

Next to the shed we had this low brick wall that did not seem to have any meaningful function. The dimensions however, were almost perfect for a small greenhouse. So we ordered one online and voila a new project was started.

The low wall had an opening though so first things first, lets brick it up. Selecting the stones from the piles of leftovers, cutting them to size and trying it all out. Then mix up the mortar and complete the construction.

On top of the brick wall came a solid steel foundation. This rectangular frame made it very easy to have right angled corners and level profiles. That is so much easier when fitting the window panes. The greenhouse itself came in two big boxes. So lets unpack the meccano set and construct the sidewalls.

Although it is only 2 by 3 meters the long profile of the roof is an interesting challenge. It is all so well made though that putting up the roof support with the two small windows was just another nice job.

Finally we added all the window panes. As it is close to a tree we do not put in glass but polycarbonate.

Finally the finished product. The new garden light in front of it works nicely as well.

It’s time to put it to good use now. We put up some nice metal shelving and put in the melon. Also nursing back to health an indoor palm and of course growing a lot of lettuce.