Winter op de Posbank

Afgelopen december liep ik nog samen met Lorna op de Posbank. Het had ‘s nachts flink gevroren met als gevolg dik berijpte bomen.


This morning started with a beautiful walk on the Posbank heath fields. It has been quite hot recently and water levels are low, but the heather is flowering very nicely indeed.

Old fashioned ANWB road sign at the Posbank
Arriving on the Posbank this morning

The beautiful purple flowers are tiny and delicate, but a whole field of them turns it into a purple blanket.

Panoramic view of the heather field

Of course the heather fields tend to get overgrown if you leave them alone. To prevent that they need to be grazed. This morning a couple of horses were about.

We were just enjoying the view when they even came trotting upto the fence.

Definitely a good way to start the day.

Have fun,