Burger’s Zoo

This time it was raining and that meant that some animals were inside, but also that others showed some different behaviour. Wildebeests running in the water, flamingos walking straight towards us, wallabies being actually awake.

Following the trail we visited the elephants after the penguins at the entrance to the zoo.

In the Mangrove all the lenses fogged up so no butterfly photos this time. It did give a nice effect to the flamingos though.

The wallabies are always fun as they remind us of our home in Alligator Creek.

The rhinos were absolutely posing for us.

And of course the zebras were lining up as well. The two foals were especially cute.

As the weather wasn’t that great we moved indoors into the desert. The red headed vultures were awake.

The Yellow Grosbeak had something to say. He was not going anywhere until I had taken many, many photos of him.

On the way out we stopped to have a look at the nosebears. Each had a tree to her/himself.

All in all another lovely day. We’ll be going back every week.

Have fun,

Ernst and Lorna