Kröller-Muller museum

A spectacular museum in the hart of the National Park De Hoge Veluwe. It is full of famous pieces of art in a beautiful setting. The sculpture garden is stunning and an excellent destination in a time of keeping distance. The spacious setup is simply ideal for a day of art immersion in corona times.

Right behind the museum the sculpture garden greets you with the beautiful floating sculpture by Marta Pan. Especially on a sunny day the pond shows it off once more for you.

A floating sculpture of two opposing hemispheres floating in a pond.
Floating Sculpture by Marta Pan
The backward-leaning woman, resting on her right hip, appears to balance between stillness and movement, as if she could be carried along by the wind at any moment. After his death, this nude was cast not only in bronze, but also in a lead alloy, which gives the sculpture an exceptionally light, soft surface.
The Sky by Aristide Maillol
Mobile Home by Joep van Lieshout

Lorna was mesmerised by the sculpture made of interconnected rocks. The beautifully curved wall indeed echoes the vibrations of life on the Veluwe.

Echo of the Veluwe by Chris Booth

One of those famous installations is the Needle Tower constructed by Kenneth Snelson in 1968. From whichever angle you regard it, its structure does not stop to amaze. See also the museum page:

Another favourite installation is the Jardin d’email by Jean Dubuffet. In the past we have walked on top of it with Lorna’s brother Ken and Wendy. They had to restore it since and it is now visible in all its splendour.

After the sculpture garden we did pop inside to view the Van Gogh gallery. Luckily I managed to stop myself from taking photo’s of every single painting and sculpture. Below are three striking examples.

The garden of the asylum at Saint-Rémy by Vincent van Gogh. (museum page)

The Clown by Auguste Renoir (museum page)
Mata Hari by Isaac Israels (museum page)